How To Hunt Scrapes – Video Reveals Biggest Mistake Hunters Make When Hunting Scrapes

How To Hunt Scrapes

I call it the blind leading the blind when certain TV hunting prostaffers teach others how to hunt scrapes.

You can tell they don’t hunt in areas where there is lots of hunting pressure. The deer I hunt in southern Michigan might as well be considered a totally different breed of animal.

Even small bucks have been shot multiple times in MI when they were 1 1/2 years old. If they happen to survive to the age of 3 1/2, they are much more difficult to see much less shoot.

Here’s a video which explains the biggest mistake hunters make in how to hunt scrapes.

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How To Hunt Scrapes – Video Reveals Biggest Mistake Hunters Make When Hunting Scrapes — 12 Comments

    • There are several videos inside the members area of Pressured Deer Pro that show you exactly in detail where to place your stand based on wind direction and other factors. If you’re not already a PDP Insider, you can watch the dozens of videos and get access to the PDP private Facebook group by registering on this page –

  1. Awesome. It’s nice to see something other than shooting deer that’s been fenced and and hand feed. Instructional lessons that can last a lifetime.

  2. Hey there Pastor Bill,
    Good to see your life has been changed by Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
    I was saved at the age of 36, in Feb. 2000. Realized my sins in front of a Holy and just God. Brought me to my knees for forgiveness and salvation. Greatest day of my life.Praise Jesus!!!
    Sorry just can’t help but still be excited for what God did.
    Anyways , I would like to pay for the year in advance. Is there a way I can do that instead of monthly?

    Thanks Andy Runyard

  3. Bill you should do a video on a new piece of woods You’ve never been in
    Show us how you start out start with Ariel photos show us what to look for on the map then go to the woods and film you scouting telling also what to look for and where to start

    • Thanks for the suggestion Robert. We were thinking of doing something like this, and now we’ll definitely try make this happen.

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